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Rose Care


Once you have planted and pruned your roses, the roses should be maintained.  The following is a list of items that should be checked weekly and completed when necessary.

  1. Fertilize your roses once per month - Use a good organic rose food.  It has all the basic ingredients for good roses in the bag.  Simply add two cups of the food for each larger roses and one cup for the Miniatures.
  2. Weekly check for powdery mildew -Powdery mildew appears as a dust or powder like substance on the leaves of the plant.  It can be washed off with a hose and water.  Or add a little vinegar to a spray bottle if you have a few plants and have the time to spray.  Orthenex is both an insecticide and fungicide.  If you have a large amount of roses, mixing this product with water as per the label will help your plants
  3. Weekly check for aphids and thrips.- Aphids seem to be the greatest problem.  The little green insects love the tender new growth and the buds.  So blast them with a strong stream of water between sprays of orthenex or use as an individual treatment.