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Rose Care


Last month we talked about pruning your bushes for the fair and the November rose shows.

  • Prune about one third of the total bush height, and give the roses 6 weeks before a show to allow them to bloom.

  • Feed them an organic rose food at half strength two separate times. First feeding is in mid September and then again around  October 7th.  

  • For greener foliage give the plants some extra chelated iron.  

  • Then give some water soluable fertilizer like Miracle Grow applied half strength each week for three weeks prior to the show should get results. 

  • You may need to rinse off the leaves to control white flies and spider mites.

  • After new buds start to form you should spray them every few days with a small amount of Orthene.  This will help to keep thrips from harming the blooms.